TriBro Studios Film Terminal

We are proud to announce our opening of the TriBro Studios Airport Film Terminal located at the Toronto Pearson International Airport. Airport filming has never been easier.

The terminal has many features and unique spaces including:

  • arrivals and departure levels
  • departure seating areas and gates
  • boarding hallways
  • several jet bridges
  • mechanical and electrical rooms
  • exterior airport filming opportunities
  • our furnishings and chattels are available for use
  • a large parking lot area for cast, crew and basecamp setup requirements
  • many unique rooms that can be used for filming, props, lock-up space and dressing rooms

The TriBro Studios Film Terminal is perfect for shooting in an airport setting, on an airplane or on the tarmac. We have transformed this airport terminal into a production dream with easy access to the building without the typical requirements for access coordinated with our Operations teams.

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