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From 70 foot ceilings to cyc walls, dingy pits and airport filming we may have what you need.
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Toronto Sound Stages Sandy Beach Studios Pickering Secret Location The Pit The Loft Airport Film Terminal Ancillary Spaces

Toronto Sound Stages

  • 15,000 sq ft total (10,000 sq ft at 44 ft high and 5000 sq ft at 22 ft high)
  • 4 dock level loading bays
  • Sound absorbent walls
  • Massive sound door
  • New modern bright LED lighting
  • Step-down transformers complete with cam lock available
  • Bell and light system
  • Fully air-conditioned and heated
  • Adjoining kitchen and lunch area
  • 17,000 sq ft at 20 ft high
  • Center of the building
  • BG holding areas
  • Adjoining supplementary office space
  • Includes a paint booth with ventilation
  • Multi-Level structures in addition to the existing square footage
  • Easy load-in a load-out access
  • Step-down transformers complete with cam lock available
  • Close to carp shop
  • New modern bright LED lighting
  • Bell and light system
  • 19,000 sq ft with 18’ clearance
  • Raw industrial look and feel
  • Adjoining lockup and storage spaces
  • Step-down transformers complete with cam lock available
  • Load access
  • Bell and light system
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Sandy Beach Studios Pickering

  • 3 x 18,000 square feet sound stages (22 ft high)
  • 9 dock level loading bays + 1 drive in loading bay
  • Sound absorbent walls
  • Massive sound door per stage
  • New modern bright LED lighting
  • Step-down transformers complete with cam lock available
  • Bell and light system
  • Fully air-conditioned and heated
  • Kitchen and lunch areas
  • Production offices
  • Construction / Carpentry Mill Shop
  • Dedicated Paint / Scenic area
  • Dedicated Costume / Wardrobe area
  • Laundry
  • Lock-ups
  • Ample on-site parking
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Secret Location

Our Secret Location – Toronto Ontario
  • 1 x 15,000 sf sound stage
  • mill / carpentry department
  • paint department
  • offices
  • lunchroom
  • additional ancillary space to mold to your needs
  • 2 dock level doors
  • dedicated stage and workshop power with camlocks
  • ample parking
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The Pit

  • An interestingly unique place to shoot
  • Can be filled and drained with water
  • Air quality tested and approved

Has been used as :

  • An interplanetary prison
  • A water tank
  • A death pit
  • Collapsed building
  • Night club
  • Prison for the criminally insane
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The Loft

  • Newly renovated 5000 sq ft photography studio
  • Toronto’s largest cyc-wall
  • Lounge area for clients and talent
  • Raised stage
  • Wall can be painted green to create a transition free green screen
  • 26 ft clearance
  • Adjoining space for prep and staging
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Airport Film Terminal

This airport filming location located at Toronto Pearson Airport has been designed to make filming in an airport more easeful for our productions.

Some features include:

  • Arrivals and departure levels
  • Departure seating areas and gates
  • Boarding hallways
  • Jet bridges
  • A large parking lot area for cast, crew and basecamp setup requirements
  • Many unique rooms that can be used for filming, props, lock-up space and dressing rooms
  • Exterior airport filming
  • Airport and terminal furnishings

TriBro Studios also offers operational assistance and liaison services for all airport or aircraft needs.  Some of these services include:

  • Aircraft / airplane / jet sourcing
  • Filming permit application requirements and coordination with airport authority
  • Apron access

Contact our Airport Operations at (416)908-4732 or email patricia@tribrostudios.com for more information.

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Ancillary Spaces

  • 12,000 sq ft of production office space

Our wardrobe department is available on site and comes complete with:

  • Fitting rooms
  • Private offices
  • Clothing rack rooms
  • Laundry room with washers/dryers
  • Breakdown area with ventilation
  • We offer secure lockup space on short or on a long term basis in many shapes and sizes that are available on or off-site
  • Our lock up spaces are heated and have easy 24-hour access
  • Ample unit parking with power as well as parking
  • Parking for crew and support vehicles available

Other spaces available include carpentry shop and paint shop.

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Shows In Our Space

We are proud to provide a happy working environment for the following production companies who made our spaces their own.